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The One Stop Shop for All Your Natural Hair Care Needs.

We are a Black Owned Natural Hair Care Collection here to cater to All your Curly Hair Care Needs, created by Stylesbymuvaa! We will provide affordable wide ranges of products such as Bonnets, Du-rags, Edge Control, Hair Growth Oil, and more...

We pride ourselves on the quality that our products are strictly 100% HANDCRAFTED WITH ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, which better promotes the overall health and growth of your hair! We hope to reach parents, teens, and young adults to start investing in their Natural Hair Care!

As an Natural Hair Specialist and Entrepreneur with more than 10yrs experience! I inspire to help others embrace and love their Natural Hair starting with Self Love first. Our purpose is to continue to provide, educate, and help others overcome societies cultural appropriation worldwide while promoting HEALTHY HAIR AND PROTECTION! Stand BOLDLY and wear your Crown with Confidence.

Enjoy our GALLERY below featuring Black Owned Entrepreneurs located from South Carolina to New York City...

Stylesbymuvaa: Hairstylist

Beauté Marck: Hairstylist/MUA

PhoshaBeauty: MUA

Shyannab: MUA

Megantheestylist: Personal Stylist

Haylssbales: Model

Ciarathegrand: Model

Jxlreid: Model

Brandy Tousaint: Model

Tikima Bowers: Model/Actress

Photography by Barry Polk, and Elion1ck.












Customers Testimonials

"just got oil! This stuff is magic lol"

"YOU HAVE BEEN SUMMONED BY MY MOMS!!!! Since using your hair grow oil moms been seeing how fast and healthy my hair has been growing!

Shay J.

"The shipping was very FAST! I got my package, yesterday. Wow. I'm going to take a photo of my hair tonight, and keep you posted on my journey. I'm ready to promote the heck out of your products sis. I'm so happy and excited for you!!!"

Kam B.

"Girl my scalp was not irritated at all after your treatment, no scratching, no dandruff and no dry scalp yet and that was since Saturday. And usually my scalp would've been irritated and flaky!! So I'm glad I have found the right person because I can tell if I allow you to do that on the regular as you say my scalp and my hair will be healthy because your oil is the ish!!!"

Jakara S.

"I love this oil!! It has made my hair grow and thicken so much! Wonderful product and customer service!"

Kaylan Blackburn

"This oil tho... Straight Fire!!! I love that oil... you put your heart in that!"


"I don't trust the beauty supply stores but I trust your products!"


"This oil is amazing it's my JU JU please support you won't be disappointed give your hair it's WORTH!"

Tujuana B.